Thursday, June 21, 2007

"Volume 2, Issue 1"

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First off, I want to thank everyone who reads this blog. Without you, this blog would be the proverbial tree falling in the forest, and that wouldn't be any fun. Your participation and feedback is much appreciated. If there's something about the blog you think there should be more of, or if there's something that's just been bugging the hell out of you, feel free to post a comment or send an email (

I've managed to keep this blog going for a full year now, and it's been fun. So, what's the best way to keep it going for at least another year? Well, I think at least for now, you can expect more of the same - six posts a week on topics that include road trips, sports, statistics, and curling. I think the blog has become a bit watered down as of late. Six five-paragraph posts per week is a lot, and my life simply isn't that interesting, so I've resorted to posts about things like NASCAR and the Chris Allen Football League. I've long resisted writing more posts about the Chris Allen Racing League, but have resisted due to the lack of interest I think it would generate. But given how much time I put into it, and that some of the readers of this blog are drivers in the league, part of me really thinks I can write some interesting posts about it. I wouldn't talk about the actual racing, just the league - how my league structure works, how its participats progress from the depths of the waiting list to the top of the league and back again, and so on. From your perspective, the fact that it's a racing league is actually quite irrelevant. It could just as easily be a golf league, a curling league, a chess league, or a weather forecasting league. (Because all of those things are so much more interesting than racing, right?) So, maybe the CARL will surface into my blog in the future. Besides, the way I see it, if I'm having trouble coming up with post ideas, I'm no worse off writing about the CARL than cutting back to 5 posts/week, right? You could always ignore that 6th post if you wanted to. (Many of you probably do that already.)

That said, I'm always trying to think of interesting stuff to write about. I think my best work is about the hobbies I am most passionate about - roads and highways, sports, and various recreational activities (disc golf, curling, bowling, etc). So, you can expect more posts on those topics. But, for now, I am going to add a couple of new features. One is a "coming tomorrow" feature, so you know what to expect. But that may actually be a bad thing, if part of the "excitement" of my blog is not knowing what you're going to get when you load it up each morning. So, if this feature offends you, let me know. The idea is so that you won't have your hopes up ahead of time, only to get another post about Lewis Hamilton. (He won again last weekend, by the way. The man is unstoppable.)

Another new blog feature I'm going to implement for the time being is "Last year". Now that my blog is a year old, I can go back and see what I wrote about last year, and comment on that a little bit. Because, let's face it - my blog was much better back then. And, of course, I'll try to keep the random thoughts, although they've been less thought-provoking of late, and have just been more of the "short meaningless info about my life" type. (Like today's! I think I have a good one for tomorrow, though.) It was poor planning on my part to unload three random thoughts per day in the early days. I should have saved them up. But, clearly, I wasn't planning ahead.

So, here's what these new features look like:

Last Year: "Introduction", my first blog post. Unfortunately, I put much more effort into organizing my blog posts than I said I would back then. And, I don't really talk about my AIM profile's "by-the-numbers" much anymore, because it's not what it once was. But since I mentioned it, I'm currently keeping track of empty soda cans collected in my apartment (122), money spent on gas ($1,924.29 since September), money spent at Bojangles' ($49.27 since February), my record at Freecell (79% success rate), my car odometer reading (see today's random thought), and my passed/passed-by ratio on two-lane highways (which I do update in my blog when necessary). And notice the time I posted that first post - 1138p. How often am I up that late anymore?

Tomorrow: "It's Always Construction Season In Raleigh (Cary)", which will be about area road construction.

Today's random thought:

- I've made another update to the car mileage log (link above on the right), and this one was the most boring yet. Just like the 152K milestone, the 154K milestone occurred in Wake County, on eastbound I-40, on a Tuesday, and at almost the exact same location. Boring!


Jeff said...

Big milestone for me yesterday: 70,000 miles on I-99 SB in Bedford County (mile marker 4 I think).

Jacob said...

I was always a fan of the Diabolical Scheme Thwarter.