Thursday, June 14, 2007


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Here's something I haven't covered in my blog yet: pets. What's my take on pets? Well, most generally, it's this simple: cats okay, dogs no, everything else no.

So, if Amber was going to bring a pet with her when she moved in with me, I supposed it's convenient that it happened to be a cat. Her name is Rolo (like the candy), and Amber has had her since early on in her Penn State tenure (Fall 2005). You may have noticed the last picture in Monday's post featured a cat front and center. Well, that's Rolo, seemingly always in the way. Especially when she's hungry. (Speaking of the map room, we got Iowa and Delaware in the mail Tuesday! Wahoo! Iowa's map also came with a travel guide, which was decidedly small. I guess there isn't a whole lot to do in Iowa.)

Unlike many cat owners, Amber does not "free feed" the cat, in an effort to not make it look like this. Rolo has two feeding times daily - once in the morning between 600a and 700a, and once in the evening at 500p. And, each time, Rolo tries to jump the gun a little bit. Every morning between 430a and 500a, here comes the cat. Feed me! Feed me! She doesn't meow, but she does make noise, whether it be making various objects fall from the nightstands, or playing with the blinds, or just walking back and forth across the bed. But the nice thing about having a two-bedroom apartment is that you can always close the door on her. Is that mean? I don't think so. By now, the cat should know when feeding time is. And then on Tuesday, when I got home from work a few hours before Amber, I took it upon myself to perform the 500p feeding. The cat was very nice and "cuddly" to me up until then. Then, once she got her food, that was the last I saw of her until Amber got home. Oh well, I guess that's the way it goes.

But that's actually the main reason I prefer cats over dogs. As long as the cats have food, they'll leave you alone. Dogs won't leave you alone. As soon as you walk in the door...ruff, ruff, lick lick, jump jump, claw claw. Ugh. I guess part of it is that my family shares my anti-dog sentiment and has been exclusively a cat family. Except my parents have never gone out and actually bought a cat. What usually happens is that my mom becomes friends with one of the neighbor's cats, and eventually the neighbors realize that my mom treats the cat better than they do, and then my mom gets the cat. Or, similarly, the neighbor moves a few blocks down the road, and the cat keeps running back to the old street to hang out with my mom.

Dogs are more needy than cats, too. Take me for a walk! Let me outside so I can pee! Waah! Cats are perfectly capable of taking care of their own excretory business. And, they're there when you need them. When you have a cat, you can play with the cat on your terms (feeding time notwithstanding). Playing with a cat can be a lot of fun, too. (Cat + laser pointer = hours of entertainment!) When a dog wants to play, you don't have a choice. And, some dogs bite. That's always scared me. When some neighbor's dog comes running at you, how am I supposed to know what the dog's intentions are? Is the dog coming to lick me, or to bite my leg off? (Yeah, I know. More often than not, it's the former. But I'll be sure to stay away from Michael Vick's house.)

That's not to say I could never enjoy having a dog. It's a possibility. (Just as long as it's not a chihuahua.) While I prefer cats to dogs, I've been pretty much anti-pet my whole life. So I never thought I would actually enjoy having a cat, but I've "warmed up" to having a cat around quite nicely. It's been a very smooth transition, to the point where three weeks in, I don't know what the apartment would be like without Rolo. But if we were to get a dog (which will surely happen at some point, whether I like it or not), it would help if the dog is like a cat and leaves me alone. In which case, we might as well just have a cat instead, right?

Today's random thought:

- Happy Flag Day! Flag Day has always been kind of a punch line, as perhaps the lamest holiday in existence. We don't get the day off, and it's not like people go out and party because it's Flag Day. (Wouldn't that be funny, though?) If you can't stay home from work, and if you can't go to a party, is it really a holiday?


amber said...

A few things on cats dogs:
1. Not all dogs jump and lick and bark. Those that do have owners that never bothered to train them because they don't care if the dog licks them or barks at strangers. This is how my family is. A dog licks because it loves :)
2. Dogs are much more loyal than cats. Cat doesn't care who it's living with, as long as it's being fed. Dog would go hungry and still stand by his master, rather than switch to another owner who could feed it.
3. Cats claw more than dogs.
4. Rolo has caused more material damage (and physical damage to me) than all of the dogs I've ever owned or met put together.

That being said, I still love my cat. And if the day comes when we (hypothetical children and I) decide it's time for a dog, we'll make sure it's one you can handle :)

Jeff said...

Sounds like what happened to my parents when we had our cat. I like dogs too - when they are trained properly (not too needy, like can't sleep through the night without whining needy).

April said...

Chihuahuas are better pets than you are a man.