Wednesday, June 20, 2007

"Curling Recap #1"

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It has been the intent of Amber and me to join the Triangle Curling Club. Last Friday, that dream became a reality. (An expensive reality, but a reality nonetheless. It's worth it.) The TCC is holding periodic "pick-up" curling sessions this summer, and last Friday night was the first such session since Amber moved here. Seems like a good time to join the club, eh?

Given our inexperience, they placed Amber and me on different, but opposing teams, in an effort to cancel each other out, I suppose. And, they put us with a bunch of the more experienced players. I had the club president on my team, so I thought we would kill. But, it came down to the very last end, and my team only barely won. Unfortunately, I don't have an end-by-end recap memorized, but I definitely recall being down 10-4 after the 4th or 5th end. While my team had the club president, the other team's skip was no slouch either, and helped put together a 5-point end for Amber's team. But my team came back, and with a 4-point 8th end (without last stone), my team won 11-10. Wahoo! (A standard non-championship curling match is 8 ends. We just barely crammed an 8-end match into the two hour time frame we had on the ice.) did we do? Well, it's hard to really get good when you only throw 16 stones total for the entire match. But my last four throws all landed in the target area and so I'm quite happy with how I did. Amber had some good throws also, but I don't remember how she did near the end. (Not well enough, evidently, for my team to score four.) Her best throw was actually immediately after my best throw. I threw it almost right on the button, and then Amber immediately knocked it out. Boo! Oh well, at least I have scoreboard. (Just to clarify: Amber and I were both the "firsts" on our respective teams, throwing the first two rocks in each end.)

Afterwards, everyone went down to the local pizza-parlor-slash-bar for drinks and whatnot. Apparently, tradition dictates that the winners buy the losers a drink. I offered Amber a drink, but she declined. (Oh well, I tried, right?) In the midst of conversation, we heard about a "mini-bonspiel" (a.k.a. curling tournament) recently held by the Great Smoky Mountains Curling Club in Knoxville. While the TCC isn't entirely northern and Canadian transplants, apparently the Knoxville club is. So, the TCC guys didn't stand much of a chance. Oh well. We'll get better. Maybe Amber and I can help out next time. But, obviously, we need to get better first. I really think curling is something I can get good at. It requires touch and feel, which I have lots of experience with playing various forms of golf. The strategy is fun too, but I don't need to concern myself with that yet - that's entirely the skip's responsibility. (The team members have input, of course, but in the end, it's the skip's call.)

Our next curling opportunity is a week from Friday. Wahoo!

Today's random thought:

- For just about every radio station that's out there, if you listen to it long enough, it's going to get repetitive. But I was wondering how long that would take with WKNC 88.1 - they seem to have enough variety, where it may never get repetitive. Well, more than four weeks after I began listening to it, I have started to hear repeat songs. I've heard one song three times in the last week! Oh no! One repetitive song isn't bad, but when you don't really like the song that much, then it makes me wonder how long 88.1 will stay at the top of my rotation.

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