Monday, May 28, 2007

"The Official Unofficial Start Of Summer"

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Meteorologically and/or astronomically speaking, summer doesn't start for another few weeks. But in the mind of many, the "summer season" starts today with Memorial Day, and ends with Labor Day. It's very convenient that those holidays fall when they do, isn't it?

So, here are some random thoughts regarding the official unofficial start of summer:

1) I probably won't have to turn my heater on for a few months. Well, that's been the case for a while. I'm not looking forward to the electric bills this summer.
2) Evidently, it means gas is more expensive. Sometimes, I wish I lived in Venezuela.
3) How many times will I have to turn on the air conditioner in my car? So far, I've only had to do it once, after a round of disc golf. It's cold in my office, so the 130° temperatures in my car actually feel kind of good. At least for a few minutes.
4) How many trips will we make to the beach? Probably at least two. That's my guess. But not this weekend. If I were to guess, I'd say that Memorial Day weekend was the most crowded beach weekend of the year.
5) It's almost hurricane season! Yay! North Carolina (and the rest of the country, for that matter) missed out on any hurricanes last year. How about this year?
6) Sports: Well, once the NHL season ends, it's pretty much down to NASCAR and baseball for the rest of the summer. I've been watching more college baseball than MLB so far this season. I really don't care that much about MLB, at least for now. And on the shorter term, there's also the NCAA Baseball tournament, starting next weekend. But given FSU's recent history, I won't have to pay attention to that for too long.
7) While many people will be going on vacation this summer, I'm done using vacation time for a while. The Nova Scotia trip was the vacation. In fact, today might be my last day off until Labor Day. (Since July 4th falls on a Wednesday, I'd like to work that day in order to stockpile an extra day of vacation.)
8) Now that Amber lives here, we'll probably be making many wild and/or crazy weekend trips to various locations throughout the area. Possibilities include Boone, "The Ultimate North Carolina Road Trip" on US-64, Delaware (Amber has never been to Delaware), and at least one theme park. I'd also like to make a trip to Jacksonville. It's been a while. In fact, in another week, I will have broken my record for the longest-ever stretch between Jacksonville visits. The record is 160 days (3/11/06 through 8/18/06); the current streak is 153 days (since 12/26/06).
9) I have to renew my car registration in July. Will my car pass inspection the first time through this year?
10) Last summer, the highest temperature recorded on my thermometer was 98°. Can we hit triple digits this year? I hope so. Just as long as it's for one day only.
11) How long will it take me to get sick of the summer weather? Probably by the end of June. By then, I'll be ready for the ice storms.

Enjoy your summer!

Today's random thought:

- I've seen a lot of police cars on the sides of roads this weekend, possibly looking for speeders (or seat belt violations, ala "Click it or ticket"). But upon closer inspection, most of these cars don't even have anyone in them. I guess they're there just to scare people into slowing down. Well, based on what I've seen, it works. At least for a few seconds.

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