Thursday, May 17, 2007

"Moving Day #12½: Preview"

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About four weeks ago, I moved from a one-bedroom to a two-bedroom apartment the next building over. That wasn't so bad. This coming weekend, I'm helping Amber move from Pennsylvania to North Carolina. This probably won't be quite so easy. Here's this weekend's general timeline:

Friday: I fly Southwest from Raleigh (RDU) to Baltimore (BWI), where Amber will pick me up and take us back to State College.

Saturday: Amber gets her moving truck, and we put as much as we can into it. (If you'll be in State College this Saturday, your help will be much appreciated!)

Sunday: Everyone attends the graduation ceremony. Whether or not we go to Waffle Shop this weekend remains to be seen. I imagine they will be extremely crowded. If we do go, we're probably best served going to the one in Bellefonte. We went there two weekends ago, and there was no wait!

Monday: Amber drives the moving truck from State College to Raleigh (Cary), while I drive her car. This is why I'm flying up there; Amber can't drive the truck and her car. Speaking of which, I suppose we'll have to go back to the airport and pick up my car on Monday, too.

Tuesday: Unload everything into the new apartment. We'll have hired help.

Wednesday: Back to work!

Sounds like fun, eh? Actually, I'm looking forward to it. This weekend has been a long time coming. That two-bedroom apartment I've been living in for the last four weeks is too big for just me.

Some things to watch for, which I will cover next week:
- I haven't flown in three years, and I've never flown alone. I'm not looking forward to it. I don't mind the act of flying; it's all the hassle I'd rather do without. I prefer to be in control.
- I didn't attend my Penn State graduation. What did I miss? Probably not much. Two graduation ceremonies was more than enough.
- I'm going to let Amber dictate the pace of the drive back to Raleigh (Cary) with the moving truck; I'll follow in close proximity. We'll probably take an all-interstate route around DC, which I've learned isn't too bad if you leave State College between 700a and 1100a on a weekday, and thus avoid the morning and evening rushhours. But I'm not getting my hopes up.
- The plan with this moving help we've hired in Raleigh (Cary) is this. They have an hourly fee, and they don't have a minimum. So what we're going to do is have them get the heaviest stuff first, and then as soon as they hit 60 minutes - that's it! You're done, here's your money, thank you for your help. That's the plan, anyway. Will it work out that way? If you're a moving company and you charge by the hour, what's your incentive do anything except take as much time as possible?

This isn't the last post of the week. One more tomorrow.

Today's random thought:

- Every now and then, I'll turn on one of the local sports talk radio stations, and they'll be airing a minor league baseball game (usually the Durham Bulls). How many people actually listen to these games? Is anyone out there living and dying with every pitch? And do more people listen to those games than listen to "Primetime with the Packman"? I would find that hard to believe.

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