Tuesday, May 29, 2007

"Airport History"

How many airports have I flown into or out of? I haven't flown much, but I still think I can put together a decent list. First, a couple of caveats. This list only goes back through 1995. I don't remember ever flying prior to then, but I think I did once or twice as a young child. Also, I don't exactly remember where all of those connecting flights went, so this list may be incomplete and/or inaccurate. But I'll do my best. In chronological order:

1) JAX - Jacksonville, FL. First, of course.
2) IAH - Houston, TX (Intercontinental). This was before it was renamed after George Bush.
3) SFO - San Francisco, CA. These first three airports were part of our 1995 family vacation. I think each route went through IAH, but I don't remember for sure. I know at least the first one did. Back then, we flew Continental Airlines.
4) SEA - Seattle-Tacoma, WA. This was in 1998. Now, I'm not sure where the connections were for the 1998 trip. It's possible that this flight also went through IAH, but another possibility is DFW (Dallas-Fort Worth). But I don't know for sure, so I'm leaving DFW off of the official list.
5) ATL - Atlanta, GA (Hartsfield). If you've done a decent amouny of flying, you've probably flown through Atlanta at some point. This was our connection on our 1999 trip to...
6) HNL - Honolulu, HI. The non-stop flight from ATL to HNL took about 8 hours, the longest single flight I have taken. The return trip was the "red eye", for which I stayed up throughout the duration, allowing me to set a personal record for longest elapsed time without sleep (31 hours), a record that still stands to this day.
7) LIH - Lihue, HI. The Hawaii trip had lots of flying, because it's really the only way to get from island to island. The Lihue airport (on the island of Kauai) is the smallest airport I have ever flown in to or out of.
8) ITO - Hilo, HI. Most flights to the "Big Island" came in/out of KOA (Kailua-Kona) on the other side of the island, but we flew to Hilo instead.
9) CLT - Charlotte, NC (Douglas). This was the connection in 2002 on our way to...
10) PIT - Pittsburgh, PA. This was for James's wedding. This was also the last time I flew something other than Southwest. Hawaii was on Delta; I forget what those others were. Seattle was probably also Continental, and Pittsburgh may have been US Airways, but I can't remember. We would have flown Southwest, but Southwest didn't fly to PIT at the time. They do now.
11) BHM - Birmingham, AL. Now onto the 2004 trip. Southwest has some "untraditional" hubs, of which Birmingham appears to be one. Southwest doesn't even fly to Atlanta.
12) PHX - Phoenix, AZ. My memory of flying into Phoenix was seeing golf courses everywhere. Seems like a good place to live if it wasn't so hot.
13) LAS - Las Vegas, NV (McCarran). As soon as you get off the plane, you're greeted with slot machines and advertisements.
14) SLC - Salt Lake City, UT. Our 2004 trip flew started at LAS and ended at SLC. The return flight went SLC-PHX-BHM-JAX. All 2004 flights were on Southwest.
15) RDU - Raleigh-Durham, NC
16) BWI - Baltimore, MD

So, 16 airports. It's possible I missed one or two along the way, but I'm certain I've been to those 16. Not bad, considering how infrequently I've flown in my life, and that I've never flown out of the country. Also, for the record, I only had to look up 5 of the 16 airport codes (HNL, LIH, ITO, CLT, SLC); I knew all of the others. Memorizing airport codes used to be a minor obsession of mine.

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